Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Social Innovation in British Columbia

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The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation is committed to supporting and encouraging social innovation and social entrepreneurship in British Columbia. As a member of the BC Partners for Social Impact, the ministry leads the co-ordination of government’s work to promote and support social innovation, to create a legislative and policy framework to maximize social innovation in B.C.

Social innovation refers to new ideas and ways to address complex social problems. Social innovation is, at its heart, about collaboration – of government, business, and community to address society’s most pressing challenges and create better social outcomes.

Social innovation is a way to achieve better results, deliver more effective solutions and improve social outcomes.

What We’re Doing

In January 2011, the BC Social Innovation Council was created to make recommendations “on how best to maximize social innovation... with an emphasis on social finance and social enterprise.” In March 2012, the Council presented its Action Plan Recommendations to Maximize Social Innovation in British Columbia (PDF, 930KB). The action plan includes 11 recommendations that together chart out a course of action for the province.

Based on the recommendations in the action plan, the BC Partners for Social Impact was created to carry on the work of the BC Social Innovation Council. The B.C. government co-chairs the BC Partners for Social Impact, which now includes more than 70 multi-sector partners who work collaboratively to implement the recommendations and support social innovation.

In response to one of the recommendations in the action plan, the ministry has developed Social Impact Purchasing Guidelines (PDF, 494KB). These guidelines support ministry staff to consider social value, in addition to financial value, when they are procuring goods and services, and to help ensure that procurement decisions are aligned with the ministry’s Service Plan (PDF, 399KB) goals.

To support the work of the partners and the social innovation community, the partners launched Hubcap, a new social innovation website, in September 2014. Hubcap is the place to find tools and resources, learn about new and ongoing social innovation projects, and connect with B.C.’s innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, funders, and public policy makers.

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